Deployed Identifiers Lookback Period

Ian Meyers
Deployed Identifiers Lookback Period

The "Deployed Identifiers" chart on our homepage displays how many unique publishers (domains) have deployed various identity solutions. Using our synthetic user technology, we observe which identifiers have been deployed directly on page as well as via wrapper solutions like Prebid.

Historically, we've used a long lookback window of one year when we chart identifier share. Over time, we've seen the adoption of scaled identifier deployment solutions, such as the Amazon Marketplace and Google's Secure Signals program. This has led to increased identifier "churn" as publishers try out various solutions. In response, we have dropped our lookback period to 180 days. This strikes a balance between showing the largest recent trends in identity without overstating ongoing usage or introducing unnecessary noise.

As of this blog post, while we saw a decrease in the absolute number of deployed identifiers in a 180 day period, we did not observe significant changes in relative identifier rankings, as expected.

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