Introducing Identifier Absorption

Mike OSullivan
Introducing Identifier Absorption

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of a brand new metric on Sincera - something we’re calling Identifier Absorption. The Identifier Absorption Rate allows companies to see beyond which identifiers are configured in a given publisher environment - it allows customers to understand which identifiers are being actively collected and included in outbound exchange requests.

Understanding Identifier Adoption (or, why does this matter?)

Analyzing technology adoption - in this case, identifiers used for advertising - is incredibly valuable for any publisher or marketer who is trying to prioritize who they should partner + integrate with. Imagine choosing a post-cookie identity provider, only to find out they are deployed on less than 10% of the Comscore Top 1000 sites? That would be an expensive partnership with limited upside.

Historically, the industry used Sincera’s Top Identifiers chart to quantify adoption + market share of identity solutions across the top 200,000 publishers.  The chart below utilizes our 2nd generation counting methodology that accounts for duplicate installs, multiple wrapper sources, and alternative names for a given identifier.

From Configuration to Absorption

While deployment of Identifiers is maturing, how can we ensure that publisher adoption translates into RTB opportunities to transact against the identifier?  In addition, could we provide more data to Identity Providers to help detect and validation publisher integrations?

With this feedback in mind, we thought the best way to quantify the next step forward in understanding identifier usage was to release a new metric and chart called Identifier Absorption.

This chart tracks the identifier absorption rate - that is, what percentage of time is an identifier absorbed into outbound bid requests versus the times an identifier is available for pickup and ingestion into a bid stream.

Absorption is measured across all publishers + RTB bidder adapters, supports both Prebid-based and Index Exchange library wrappers, and provides a completely different lens on identifier popularity and utilization.  Sincera pre-release customers have access to the granular absorption datasets - you can see absorption rate broken out for a given identifier by bidder / SSP, or by individual publisher, to hone in on enrichment gaps.

As always, the top-level, industry-wide identifier absorption data can be found on the Sincera dashboard, and remains free to use.

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