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Providing Publishers with Insights & Support

Mike OSullivan
Providing Publishers with Insights & Support
  • Which ID providers are most common?
  • How many and which SSPs should I use?
  • Am I or my vendors handling consent properly?
  • How am I set up for privacy durability and “post-cookie” readiness?
  • What am I doing that buyers may not like?
  • Is my site being perceived as made for advertising or low quality?
  • What else am I doing that my competition does better?

Sincera has been hearing all sorts of questions from publishers on how to grow and protect their advertising businesses. Starting today, ThinkMedium is partnering with Sincera to help provide answers. 

Sincera Technologies  and ThinkMedium are excited to announce a new program to support publishers via advisory services from ThinkMedium, with insights and reporting powered by Sincera’s vast metadata library. 

With this partnership, ThinkMedium will be the exclusive services provider for publishers who wish to access and leverage Sincera’s metadata.  Publishers will benefit from ThinkMedium’s deep industry expertise and consultative approach, alongside  Sincera’s vast metadata library, allowing them to capitalize on competitive opportunities or close or policy-based gaps. ThinkMedium can consult + optimize across the Publisher’s technology and policy stack, including areas such as identifiers, monetization, attention, and consent. Publishers can choose between two monthly subscription offerings: 

  • Publisher Support, providing reactive, email-based and live answers and training with the Sincera toolset for self-serve users
  • Publisher Insights, adding proactive advisory services and guidance to identify specific issues and opportunities

As partners aligned by a mission to foster a healthier and more transparent advertising ecosystem, Sincera and ThinkMedium are eager to support publishers’ next-generation advertising readiness and strategies.Interested publishers can find out more by emailing the ThinkMedium team at