Publisher Tech Stack

Mike OSullivan
Publisher Tech Stack

Today, we’re enabling a new feature - still in beta! - on Sincera. This feature allows you to browse the different technology vendors, solutions, and software that a publisher uses - what is commonly referred to as their “Tech Stack.” You can see the Tech Stack of a publisher by browsing to their page on the sincera app.

Here’s Insider, The Verge, Wired, CNN, Buzzfeed, and the New York Times as a few examples to play around with.

Availability + Public Access

While Tech Stack is in beta, it will be free for all Sincera users. Following the beta, Tech Stack will be available only for Sincera Customers.

Detection Methodology

Detection methodology is different for each entity (and often, company), and we use a variety of techniques (such as javascript API detection and engagement) vs a simple detection of a network call. Sincera customers can review payloads from companies and entities that contain audience categorization, bid data, and analytics payloads within the Data Explorer.


Let us know what additional companies and entities you want to see added to Tech Stack! Drop us a message at!