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Sincera Spring Cleaning

Ian Meyers
Sincera Spring Cleaning

It's nearly Spring, and we're getting into the spirit of things by doing a hygiene pass on our publishers table, which is one of the core datasets within Sincera.

Domain Cleanup

Sincera monitors upwards of 300,000 global domains for the adtech ecosystem. While the majority consist of ad-supported publishers, our universe also includes advertiser domains and others not directly involved in adtech and marketing. 

The list of core domains is constantly increasing - it’s a “drip charge” style increase, growing by 250-300 domains per day.  The drip charge approach allows us to slowly grow the Sincera monitored ecosystem without blowing out the charts and having everyone ask “what happened?” 

Within this global core of domains, a lot has changed since 2022. Domains disappear, go offline, redirect to other domains, or change functions.  In order to keep our visits efficient and impactful, we will remove roughly 20,000 domains that meet the above criteria. Most of these domains hold little or no trackable data and will therefore have minimal influence on Sincera’s dashboards and database views.  This will occur over the next 30 days. 

Ezoic Transparency

Over the past several months, we’ve observed that publisher domains operated by Ezoic have started to hold back adtech when visited from non-residential IP addresses, including data centers and ISPs. While we regularly visit top publishers from residential IP addresses, Ezoic publishers typically fall into the long tail in traffic rank. 

This change by Ezoic has artificially reduced some stats, notably identifier + wrapper coverage on Ezoic-managed publishers. While we work to restore coverage,  Sincera Enterprise customers can continue to use Sincera’s Polyjuice impersonation technology for full metadata coverage of Ezoic domains.