Verified Integrations

Mike OSullivan
Verified Integrations

For select partners, Sincera is rolling out a "Verified Integration" badge, starting on March 3rd.  

What is a "Verified Integration"?

The status of a "Verified Integration" means that a given ad technology company or platform has done the following:

Reviewed and confirmed Sincera's detection methodology for the partner

Confirmed different domains and subdomains used by the partner

Confirmed that the associated detection counts are accurate

Why Verify?

Verification, particularly for identity providers, is incredibility helpful for publishers and marketers who want to have a simple - yet accurate - understanding of the industry.  When choosing what technology companies to partner with, understanding a platform's market position, alongside their noteworthy customers, is a key consideration for buyers and sellers in digital advertising.

Getting Verified

If you're interested in getting your platform, service, or technology verified, feel free to reach out at !